Welcome to JewelsbySunaina

Our Story

At JewelsbySunaina, we design and mindfully hand-pick timeless, high-quality pieces meant to accessorize for a guilt-free shopping experience.

Inspired while on an international journey, JewelsbySunaina blossomed as a passion project in 2016. With overwhelming support, we dove all-in in 2019, thoughtfully selecting and designing heirloom pieces with a modern touch. Whether you’re in search of statement jewelry for that big event or everyday jewelry for a date night, our diverse collection holds pieces to suit every style and mood. At JewelsbySunaina, we help you confidently bring your look together with effortless elegance and that final touch of finesse. Our ever-evolving collection of handmade pieces means you can consistently stay in style.

Sustainability Test 

All of our accessories undergo a self-sustainability test, where we ask: As someone with sensitive skin, would I wear this? Would I let my daughter wear it? This test is performed on every single piece—that is our promise! At JewelsbySunaina, we understand that fashion and accessories are tools for self-expression, and we want you to feel authentically confident in your look, and in yourself.

We collaborate directly with manufacturers, allowing us to offer you fair pricing. Our direct partnerships ensure that every piece is made to our high-quality specifications, and if any alterations are required, we can go directly to the source.

JewelsbySunaina is proud to work with manufacturers that support their communities by employing local talent.

A Note from the Founder

"Born into a large, cultured family, my childhood consisted of immense gatherings and weddings where women showcased the trendiest, traditional dresses modified to their taste. I was inspired by their desire to be stylish, and fashion quickly became my passion. Being surrounded by women in elegant dresses accessorized with statement jewelry made me realize that what they were wearing made them feel confident.

That same passion led me to start JewelsbySunaina, and I began hand-picking jewelry that gave me good energy when wearing them. I aspire to cultivate confidence in women through the fashion medium.

I made a promise in 2016 when starting JewelsbySunaina to only showcase jewelry that I or my daughter would wear. This promise is embedded within the company’s vision, and will be held forever as we continue to grow.

Thank you for visiting and we sincerely appreciate your support. YOU are the reason for our success, and we are excited for our ongoing journey together. I welcome every one of you to come along with me and the JewelsbySunaina brand."

Stay confident, and much love,